About Us:
Who are we? Well quite simply we are fans who create for other fans! At our core that is who we are. We are two guys who have spent our lives celebrating those things that we are passionate about. Whether that's comic books, sci-fi, video games, etc. The very core of our business is all about our fellow fans. We will never do anything that would harm or degrade those genere's that have given us so much enjoyment over the years. We labor countless hours to make sure that each one of our pieces have been crafted to the best of our ability. If a piece doesn't meet our standards then it doesn't go out. It's that simple. If we ourselves are not satisfied with it we don't expect anyone else to be. At the end of the day we are still fans of all these things and if we wouldn't wear it we don't expect our clients to.
Our goal:

The goal is for our pieces to be the go to standard for fans who want a quality product that celebrates what they are passionate about. We want our products to be shown with pride at either a comic book show, a board room, or just sitting on there mantel. If we can make a client excited about there purchase and really feel that sense of pride that only a fellow fan would understand than we have reached our goal.

How we do it:

To create these unique pieces we have used a combination of old school techniques along with state of the art equipment that is straight out of the comics themselves. We spend countless hours using modeling software and hand finishing techniques to make sure that each piece that we send out is up to the highest standards. Each ring we do is a comissioned piece of art. They are each unique in there own way so that no two pieces are every exactly alike. When you comission us to make you a ring then its no different then hiring an artist to make you a piece of art. Its just instead of paper and ink we use metal and enamel. Thats our art form. We are not a merchandiser...we are artists. Thats who we are.

Who has our rings:

Our clients have ranged from the passionate collector to a high profile celebrity. At the core though our clients are fellow fans. A true fan wants a product that embodies the passion they feel about something. Those are our clients and the reason we do what we do.